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Php7 Electric is a premier electrical service provider in Greenwich, CT, distinguished by years of unparalleled expertise and dedication to excellence. Specializing in a comprehensive suite of electrical services, our company prides itself on delivering top-tier installations,  maintenance, and prompt repair solutions for all electrical systems.

Our certified electricians are adept at handling everything from wiring, outlets, and switches to sophisticated lighting fixtures, ensuring your space is functional and safe. Beyond basic installations and repairs, we are committed to enhancing your home’s or business’s energy efficiency, conducting thorough safety inspections, and identifying potential hazards to prevent future issues.

Our approach is not only about addressing immediate electrical needs but also about providing cost-effective, long-term solutions that align with our client’s evolving requirements. We believe in the power of expert consultation, offering personalized advice to optimize your electrical systems. Our reputation is built on reliability, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, making us the go-to electrical services provider in Greenwich, CT.

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Choose Php7 Electric for expert, efficient, and reliable electrical services in Greenwich, CT. Trust our certified team for safety and satisfaction guaranteed.

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We prioritize safety, excellence, and integrity. We’re committed to sustainable practices, customer satisfaction, innovation, teamwork, and community involvement, which drives us to excellence in every service we provide.


Our mission is to provide reliable, efficient, and innovative electrical solutions that enhance the safety and functionality of our clients’ spaces, ensuring unparalleled service quality and customer satisfaction.


We envision Php7 Electric as the leading electric services provider in Greenwich, CT, setting industry standards for excellence, sustainability, and community engagement while fostering a safer and more efficient future for all.

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Enhancing Electrical Systems: Reducing Costs

Php7 Electric upgrades and optimizes electrical infrastructures to meet modern energy consumption demands. We focus on implementing cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly solutions that lower energy bills and minimize environmental impact.

By carefully assessing each client’s specific needs, we design tailored solutions that improve the performance and longevity of electrical systems. Our proactive approach to maintenance and upgrades ensures our clients enjoy a seamless, cost-effective, and sustainable electrical experience, making their spaces safer and more enjoyable.

Ensured Perfect Electrical Systems


Upgrading an electrical panel entails swapping out your existing panel with a new one capable of accommodating heightened capacity and the demands of modern electrical systems.

Experts recommend scheduling an electrical system inspection at least once every three to five years to verify its safe and efficient operation.

Our team is skilled in integrating smart home technologies, including automated lighting, security, and energy management systems, into your electrical setup.

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